Hater Love!

There’s another reason for which she’s crying.

I can’t tell you because she keeps denying…

The fact that she cares or that she wants to care…

She’s not going to say that she’s trying so hard,

Because of haters who keep hating

I think the most popular but least paid job is being a hater

1 pound per day isn’t worth a living soul

Yet I’ll still pay the price if you want to continue, so please go on

I think I have enough money to last you a year,

Or even maybe a decade, or a century?

Anything that suits you best

Eventually, the heart gets worn out and the brain gets tired

Look at yourself, you look quite funny if you ask me

Full of pride and ego, but inside I can see your pain

And I’m not going to tell you why she’s mourning

Because it doesn’t concern you

You’ll watch her hurt, because you lost your helping hand

Or did you ever have any?

I wish you could see yourself right now? I wonder if you’re okay?

I pity you, do you need my help?

You’re going to deny it, but I’ll assist you anyways.

Who am I lying to, I have no time to spend with a broken soul that doesn’t want a bit of healing

You’re crying yourself, so why attempt to find happiness out of her falling tears?

I need you to sit and rethinking your life choices

That’s if you’ve already decided whether you have one or not

Well hurry up and make up your mind before I do it for you

Oh look, she’s done crying

Things get better, people too

If so, so can you!

By Jennifer Houinato


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